Helping federal agencies

Here’s what we do. When an agency needs mission-critical software or hardware—but doesn’t have sufficient funding to issue an order and pay the vendor in full up front—we help structure an installment payment solution for the agency. With our solution, the agency gets immediate use of the product. We pay the vendor 100% of the purchase price and collect the installment payments from the agency over a period of 12 to 60 months. It’s a win/win solution for the vendor and the agency.

We have partnered with the GSA to offer streamlined solutions so agencies can acquire the products they need today... and pay for them over multiple fiscal years. Our GSA Schedule solutions have been pre-approved by the GSA and conform to all FAR requirements and the Antideficiency Act.

Our team of government finance and legal experts—with over 80 years of experience helping vendors accelerate over $2 billion of revenue—is motivated to find common-sense solutions to every issue.

CounterGSA Contract Holder